Mideoseon Andoel Mal
They're promised that dreams can come true. But forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams,too (c)
Жанр: Experimental / Shoegaze
Лейбл: Bungga Bungga Record
Motherdoll(Syn & Vocal)
Mingue (Guitar) Sung(Drum)

Группа образовалась 2008 году Zeroway (guitar), Vanillacoke (bass/drum), Motherdoll (synth, piano, vocal).
Начали выступать Badabie в районе Hongdae
в сентябре 2009 года вместо Zeroway (guitar) приходит Hyoje,
которого потом в 2010 году тоже в сентябре заменяет Mingue.

Первый альбом выпустили в 2010 году
The meaning of 8 is not the normal meaning of the figure. It means circulation, the meaning of eternity. Cross outside to inside and top to bottom, our meaning is an endless and boundless world. We are trying to say that for this infinite world "band swimmingdoll" was the motto of the music. In other words, an infinite world of the spacewalk = 8wimmingdoll.

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@темы: post-grunge, instrumental/ Tooling, group, electronic, Shoegaze, Experimental