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They're promised that dreams can come true. But forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams,too (c)
Mongoose - 몽구스

Жанр: Modern Rock
bass guitarist Park Syadeu (Suchard), drummer Kim Linggu (Ring), keyboardist and guitarist Kim Mongu (Mon).
все три участника вокалисты
Лейбл: Luova Factory (루오바 팩토리)

на данный момент выпустили 5 альбомов
1st Album Early Hits of the Mongoose
2nd Album Dancing Zo
3rd Album The Mongoose


4th Album

Release Date : 2011.5.19

'Changing' MV

[Mini Album] Mongoose - Girlfriend

Release Date : 2012.06.08
Genre : Synth Pop , Indie Rock
Language : Korean
Track list:
01. 그대여 - Baby
02. 일곱 시간차 연애 - The Seventh Time We Dated
03. 보헤미안 걸프렌드 - Bohemian Girlfriend
04. 그래 넌 하지만 난 - Yes You, But It's Difficult
05. 비밀키스 - Secret Kiss
06. Together Forever

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